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PANTOR SEALION Quick Review & Photos

So I have gotten to wear the Sealion over the last week and thought I'd share some photos and my impressions. Thanks Luis for letting me test drive it I've only worn it on two of my DrunkArtStraps canvas straps. The watch is 42mm and 45mm L2L and 12.6 in thickness. It comes with either the Seiko NH35 at $329 or the Swiss ETA mvt at $549. The lume is superluminova C3 so it shines bright. Hour markers are painted on, no raised markers here. They nailed the blue dial. Truly a fantastic color and it looks super cool in the sun. The watch seems well made. The brushed and polished SS finish is on par with other Asian micros we all know and like such as Armida for example. I like the faceted hour and minute SS hands. They reflect the light nicely and add to the watch aesthetic. The bezel clicks precisely and lines up perfectly; the crown operates smoothly. I am a fan of the case style, it is not revolutionary I know and others have done a similar case whether Armida or Deaumar... but it works. Many are large but this one wears on the smaller side with its 45mm L2L so it is better suited for smaller wrists. For reference my wrist is about 7" and I think it wears well on me but I wouldn't want it any smaller. There is limited space for straps due to he short lug design. So you won't fit a thick strap but I was able to install two canvas on it without a shoehorn :) and they aren't thin either. I think it's a fine offering at a fair price for the preorder cost of $329. Cant really fault the watch in any way, it's well executed overall. I personally don't have interest in an eta for such a watch at 549. That becomes pricey and would rather get a Mido or certina diver or Alpina all available around that price from online grey dealers. Note it comes in green and black as well.

Cheers. B


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