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Talk about the dive watch's Screw Down Crown VS Push In Crown

We have seen lot of dive watch with foggy circle in the middle of your dive watch face. This is generally due to a faulty crown, Today, we are going to talk about the facts of a screw down crown VS 'push-in crown'. Generally, the push-in crown may leave gaps where water can get in when you're out on adventures.

With Pantor that simply won't do. We use high-quality screw down crowns that thread into the case. By this way, you won't have to do the inevitable 'sigh' that comes with the dreaded ring of fog.

A screw down crown can create a safer water-resistant environment by threading into place. Adjusting the date and/or time on a watch with a screw-down crown is simple, you just simply unscrew the crown counter clockwise until it springs open then gently pull it out to the right positi