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How to maintain your dive watch

As we know, diver watches are designed to go with you on the outdoor and underwater trip. They are more stable, durable, and functional compared to normal watches. Since that, they require more care than normal watches.

Pantor Seahorse 1000M dive watch

Pantor Seahorse 1000M dive watch

We have summarized 5 tips for maintaining your dive watch.

Pantor Seahorse 1000M dive watch

Pantor Seahorse 1000M dive watch

1. Regularly clean the watch

For interior cleaning, bring your dive watch to a professional watch repair store is the best option. For the outward appearance of your dive watch, you can clean the dive watch with a soft cloth and a mild detergent or liquid containing alcohol in your home by yourself. Please note that we do not recommend the use of hard cloth or a toothbrush. Doing so may leave scratches on the diver’s watch case.

2. Make a routine for watch servicing.

A good dive watch can last for decades. However, a routine service checks and maintenance every two or four is a very important precondition for that. If you often go to the ocean or dive with your dive watch, we will say two is your best choice.

Since salt water and other harmful ingredients may corrode the seal ring. And it is fatal damage to a dive watch.

3. Rinse the watch after every dive in salt water.

It is true that dive watches are made for use underwater, a basic cleaning is a good thing to keep it works well. Saltwater would cause rust of the stainless steel, please do a quick rinse for your dive watch after every dive.

4. Take good care of the crown.

This is the most important thing that people may forget. Always make sure that the crown is secured before you go into the water with dive watch. The most important reason why a diving watch can resist water is that it has no opening in its body. Oftentimes, people tend to neglect the crown by letting it stay loose. These mistakes may cause water to go inside the watch when diving and damage the whole watch (dial, hands, movement, glass) ultimately afterward. If this happened, the cost of repairing the watch is not much difference than buying a new one.

5. Clean around the bezel.

Unidirectional bezel is the most charming thing for a dive watch. Also, it is not that easy to find a right replacement if it is damaged. As such, please clean the bezel after you have done some hardcore trip. For example, remove the sands or dirt of it, check if there is any salt crystallization around it.