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Welcome to Pantor watches. Our mission is to further the great tradition of mechanical timepieces by offering purpose-built instruments that feature innovative and original design solutions. Our premier model is a mechanical dive watch with an emphasis based on how to maximize the usability and efficiency of each component.

I am an architectural designer. I like watches when I was a child because my father is a watch business man.I grew up arouond by watches and impressed by the amazing mechanical structure.I was thinking at that time"if I can designa watchby myself in the future"and it became my dream.

In my memory of childhood, there is always some of my father'S watch manufacturer friends come to our house talk about the watches.Because of that, I had chances to know some watch manufactures.One of them is a dive watch manufacuturer  at his home where he truly learned an gained a passion for watchmaking, one of his father’s associates was a dive watch manufacturer with over a decade of experience and was in the process of producing a 1000m dive watch. 

Once qualified as an architecture designer the founder worked for an award-winning famous architecture company, where he met a variety of people who have one thing in common, they are watch enthusiasts, from Rolex to Seiko which rescinded his desire and dream of starting his own watch brand and decided to peruse his ultimate dream. 

The founder picked up his pencil and started designing the watches you now see in the Pantor Line up, he contacted the dive watch manufacture that he met as a child and they have collaborated to make his dream a reality.

The founder spent 3 months designing his first dive watch – Seahorse, following the positive feedback he had from the watch community he went on to produce and design a series of watches, Sea Lion, Seal, Sea Turtle, and Nautilus.

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