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I saw this bracelet in another thread and didn't know what the watch was. I'd actually seen the watch before and it was not love at first sight because I didn't keep it in a browser tab the way I do with watches that interest me. Then I got my Boschett Harpoon, and I loved loved loved that watch. Still looking for a black dial diver, and that bracelet popped back in my head. I used a reverse image search on Google to figure out what watch this was, and found the Pantor Seahorse 1000m. I looked at it with new eyes, and appreciated almost everything I saw about it. I ordered it and 6 days later it arrived at my door. I sized the bracelet this morning. Size and weight This is a 45mm case, crown excluded. The lugs come down nicely so that it doesn't wear as big as it could at this size, similar to the Harpoon actually. It's perfection on my 7 3/4" flat wrist. It sits on the wrist very well with a 16.5mm thickness and I'd guess the lug to lug to sit right around 52.5-53mm. Compared to my Harpoon it feels slightly top heavy.

Dial The dial is simple with c3 indicators and a flat chapter ring with ticks and arabic numerals at 5 minute intervals. The hour and minute hands are black and the seconds hand red with a c3 lumed dot near the indices. The overall look is simple but well done. It won't get boring, and it makes a watch that's easy to tell the time at a glance. My first beef with this watch is that depending on the angle, the hour and minute hands appear metallic instead of black. I think they would have been better served by using a flat black on the hands instead of the black coating they used. That way the hands would have disappeared into the dial, and here they do not. Date at 4:30, and thankfully the date is white on a black background instead of black on a white background as seen on earlier versions. I was happy about that when I opened the box yesterday.

Bezel and crystal The crystal is 4mm thick flat sapphire, similar to the Harpoon. It rises very slightly above the bezel with a nice polished chamfer. My second beef with this watch is that the AR coating leaves something to be desired, as shown. The bezel I opted for was the stainless, and it is thick and tight with no back play and very confidence inspiring. The triangle at 12 o'clock is the sole lume on the bezel.

Case The Seahorse has an HEV at 9 o'clock, and the crown sits offset at 4. This is my first watch with an offset crown and I like it. It looks great and wears comfortably. The feel of the crown is confidence inspiring. The case back has an engraved seahorse on it and some particulars of the watch, along with the production number of the watch. mine is Pantor Seahorse #038. An exclusive club. Movement Miyota 9015, and I hope it's half as accurate as my Harpoon, which has ran +1.25secs/day for the last 2 weeks. Prior to my Harpoon I really wanted Swiss movements, but that's out the window now. My brief experience with the 9015 is that they are great. The sweep of the seconds hand is butter.

Bracelet The best and worst thing about this watch. Most importantly, this bracelet looks fantastic and feels great. It does not pinch or pluck hairs at all IME. The screws are one sided and are a real female canine. My third and largest beef with this watch is they're also a single use screw in my opinion. I had to punch two of them out because the threads on the screws were stripped. And then when I resized the bracelet one screw reseated as you would expect it to, and then the other just kept spinning. It's in there and I've been keeping an eye on it and so far it doesn't seem like it is going to go anywhere, but obviously this isn't what you want. I am going to email them and ask them to send me some spares and then very carefully use them with some loctite and call it a day. I guess I don't mind screws in the bracelet really, but they need to use really good fasteners. I'd just as soon Pantor used pins this morning when I was sizing this bracelet. You can also take a look at this bracelet and get an idea of how much fun it is to remove and replace links. But damn it does look great, and very comfortable as well.

This has the same type of clasp with diver's extension that my Harpoon does, which is nice because on watches this heavy you need the bracelet snug or the watch is all over the place. On my Harpoon the watch is perfect on my small wrist, so if I eat salty or swell on a hot day one click on the diver's extension and I'm good to go. Here, the bracelet sized perfect for my fat wrist, which means there is nowhere to go if your wrist gets smaller. I took one more link out, and it's good on my small wrist with one click on the diver's extension, and two clicks for anchovy pizza. That is not optimal as I'd like no clicks for a small wrist, but it's the compromise I had to make with this bracelet to get a perfect fit for all conditions.

Lume SPECTACULAR! This is my first C3 watch, and the lume is just insane. I haven't checked it for duration, but I see the lume all the time, unlike my BGW9 watches where you only see it in a dark room. I see the lume in my car, I see it in a room that doesn't have bright overhead lights, and when you are in a dark room you could find your way around using this watch. Top notch lume IMO. I've never tried to put my thoughts together like this for a forum post for a watch review before. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Reading the above, you can see it isn't all puppy dogs and rainbows. Don't mistake my criticisms, I love this watch and after a day on the wrist it's a keeper for me. The finish is straight tool and very nice and should please anyone familiar with Boschett timepieces. It really does share the same sort of DNA that makes me love my Harpoon, and that's exactly what I was looking for. It is a no nonsense tool watch, built to withstand whatever you want to throw at it, all the while looking good and performing its function. It's a big heavy watch and is not going to be for everyone. If your wrist can handle a watch this size and you don't mind the weight, I've told you what the quirks are, and it's my feeling that you'll see the Seahorse the same way I do. This is a serious watch that looks fantastic and I'm happy I snagged one. It compares favorably to my Harpoon, and that bracelet is too cool and wears great. Excuse my crappy iPad pics

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