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How to choose a dive watch under $1000 (Part I)

There are lots of different dive brands out there. It not only gives you lots of options but also can make you hard to make the decision. For some of entry-level dive watch buyer like you, you will meet tons of dive watches in this section. You’ll want to listen up as these are important things to look for. This is just one partial list, and there are, of course, other things that go into a good watch.

Pantor Seahorse dive watch

1. About the glass

There are lots of different types of glass in the market. however, not all of them could be the glass on watch. Normally, the glass of a watch is one of two types of crystals; mineral glass or sapphire crystals (synthetic sapphire crystals). Mineral crystals are cheaper. If you have a $100 dress watch/fashion watch, it most probably has a mineral crystal on it. There is one benefit that mineral crystal can offer; they will not shatter. When the mineral crystal gets a very hard hit, they will crack, but not shatter.

It is believed by us that most people know sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant. It is normal to see a watch with a covered in wounds case, but the crystal is like new. The better the dive watch, the thicker the sapphire crystal will be, and thus, less likely to break. In conclusion, sapphire crystals are more desirable compared to mineral crystals and should be preferred the majority of the time.

2. Solid metel case case

Noted, A proper dive watches should be made by 316L stainless steel. Plus, the watch case and bracelet links should be solid pieces of metal, rather than any kind of folded metal or any hollow shell. It is easy to tell if a bracelet is solid by inspecting the side of it and noticing if looks like one solid piece. In "dive watch under $1000" section, we suggest you pick the dive watch with cases that best made from the fewest number of pieces and using the most 316L stainless steel possible.

Pantor Sealion dive watch

3. Movement