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Dive Watch Choose Guide

Dive watches' application is not always like the name described. It’s normal to see a business man with suit and have a dive watch on his wrist, and they may never been to dive.

People always confuse dive watch with sport watch, but they are different. Dive watches are intended like the name described, diving. You may ask why you need a dive watch as an average consumer who has few chances to dive. The answer is that dive watches are normally exceptionally well made.

Pantor Seahorse 1000M Pro dive watch

As a dive watch. The most and basic function is they must resist water. Also, they also must resist pressure and keep working properly. In fact, dive watch is the most reliable, sturdy and trustworthy watch we have. Dive watch contain all the elements that a sport watch request.

Normally, it’s easy to find a dive watch with any function you are looking for. If you have a 300m dive watch, then you can wear it to go surfing, sailing, rafting or kayaking without any worry. The only result is the watch may get wet or get some scratches when you hit something... that's all.

Pantor Seahorse 1000M Pro dive watch

It may not a good dive watch however its advertisement tells you it is a good dive watch. All the outstanding exterior appearances and bold design concepts of a dive watch are based on the truth that the watch can survive the deep water.

Pantor Sealion 300M dive watch

Water is not the only factor a dive watch needs to resist. They also need to resist the pressure and temperature of the sea. Dive watch is not only a watch to those who do real dive sport. It is also a life saving device. Divers will use dive watch to calculate how much time they can stay in the water. If the watch fails to work, just once, trust me, you do not want to see that picture. It will be a catastrophic event to the diver who wearing it.

Pantor Sealion 300M dive watch

First, you need to determine what depths you want to go. Besides that, you also need to know what the limitation of your dive watch is. If you have a 300M dive watch, it not means you can go to there with the watch. We do not suggest people stay with 300M dive watch in 300M depth water. Remember, we have mentioned above, dive watch is the life saving device for diver. An enough limitation of dive watch could do better. The standard rule of thumb with dive watches is that if you’re wearing it for light splashing, bathing, snorkeling, etc. You can get away with a watch that is water resistant to 100m. If you’re looking to actually go diving, you at least want a 300m or 500m.

Pantor Sealion 300M dive watch

Second, readability of dive watch is also very important. if you cannot read the number or simple under water, the watch won't help you a lot under watch then. At this time, a dive watch with luminescent markers is your ideal choose. One tip for those who dive a lot, you need a dive watch which easy to see and do not have too many complications function on it. A clear dial can avoid diver misses the correct part.

Pantor Seahorse 1000M dive watch with Swiss C3 Supper LumiNova

Once you’ve determined the depth rating and the readability of the watch you want to look at the casing.

Next, you need to ensure the case of the watch is well built. Here is a check list that may help you:

  • Full sealed back or screw secured back.

  • No openings

  • Well-built lug and bracelet

  • High quality glass

  • Helium release valve (Can protect the internal pressure of the watch after you done dive)

Pantor Sealion 300M dive watch with Helium release valve

Once you’ve inspected the case and the dial, you want to check the bezel. The bezel is the most important part of any dive watch because it’s how the diver determines how much time has been spent underwater. A unidirectional bezel is the best way to prevent it from being accidentally rotated backwards which can be a risk to your air supply. It’s important to make sure the bezel needs a certain amount of force to turn, is clearly readable, and doesn’t move freely.

Pantor Sealion 300M dive watch with unidirectional bezel

Finally, you want to get to know the watch before using it. This can be done after purchase, although you should ensure that the watch has every feature you want before buying it. Now that you’ve acquired your time piece, read everything you can about it. Make sure you know how to operate the watch flawlessly.

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