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Dive Watch Choose Guide

Dive watches' application is not always like the name described. It’s normal to see a business man with suit and have a dive watch on his wrist, and they may never been to dive.

People always confuse dive watch with sport watch, but they are different. Dive watches are intended like the name described, diving. You may ask why you need a dive watch as an average consumer who has few chances to dive. The answer is that dive watches are normally exceptionally well made.

Pantor Seahorse 1000M Pro dive watch

As a dive watch. The most and basic function is they must resist water. Also, they also must resist pressure and keep working properly. In fact, dive watch is the most reliable, sturdy and trustworthy watch we have. Dive watch contain all the elements that a sport watch request.

Normally, it’s easy to find a dive watch with any function you are looking for. If you have a 300m dive watch, then you can wear it to go surfing, sailing, rafting or kayaking without any worry. The only result is the watch may get wet or get some scratches when you hit something... that's all.

Pantor Seahorse 1000M Pro dive watch

It may not a good dive watch however its advertisement tells you it is a good dive watch. All the outstanding exterior appearances and bold design concepts of a dive watch are based on the truth that the watch can survive the deep water.