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REVIEW: Pantor Seahorse

It seems that there is quite the boom in dive watches coming from smaller manufacturers. This is especially true when you focus in on the more affordable end of the spectrum. These watches are manufactured primarily in Asia – though sometimes they try to hide that fact, for whatever reason.

With Pantor, however, and their new watch the Seahorse, there’s no hiding going on – they’re up front about being from Hong Kong.. There’s also no mistaking that this is at least inspired by current dive watch trends, if not also being up to the task of heading below the waves with you. This is first and foremost displayed in the chunky 45mm steel case (16mm thick).

Set on top of that case you have a uni-directional bezel as you’d expect, with a lumed triangle at the 12 o’clock mark. The generous lume continues on the dial, with large filled indices, including triangles at the compass points (the one at 12 is larger so you can tell which way is up).

The sword-style hands, while not fully lumed, have enough that the time is quite readable, day or night. Interestingly, there’s also a small lume pip on the seconds hand – while not something that you’d necessarily need that often (if at all), it’s a nice little detail that many watches don’t have.

Rounding out the glossier black dial, you’ve got a date display near the 4 o’clock mark. And, unfortunately, it’s a white window. While it’s not completely jarring given the amount of white on the dial due to the lume, it would be nice to see this changed out to be a black date wheel, just for a cleaner appearance to the dial.