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When I first saw this watch, with a different dial and branded as a German dive watch, I really liked the look and specs, but the price was really outrageous for a start up. Fast forward a few years and Pantor comes on the scene with the exact same case / bracelet, a slightly different dial / hands and the new Miyota 9015 instead of the ETA 2824 movement. But here is the major difference; Pantor is upfront and honest about their origins. They are manufactured in China with a Japanese movement. As a result, the price of their Seahorse model is a very reasonable 599$ USD shipped. That is roughly 5 times less than the other company with bogus origin claims. And for those of you who think the Miyota 9015 is sub standard, think again. This movement was developed to fill the void left behind when ETA decided to pull on the 2824's reins. This movement has hack seconds, can be wound by hand and is high-beat. The result is a very accurate and sturdy movement built with the latest technology. I also like the fact that the date font is much larger than on your typical ETA movement. And for those of you that think Chinese made watches are sub standard, think again... again. These days many incredible watches are being made in the Far-East and if priced properly and marketed truthfully, you can have wonderful timepieces for very little out of pocket. Now is the quality the same as a Swiss Watch costing thousands more? No, of course not, but for those of us that flip watches constantly and who enjoy wearing different watches all the time, these are absolutely wonderful. So what do you say we let a few pictures do the rest of the talking:

I am so really enjoying this one and how about that glow? The fist picture is without long exposure! It is like a torch. In fact, I have used it as a flashlight to get to my bed from the washroom in the middle of the night. Of course, this is right after charging it for a few seconds.

For for technical details and specs, I encourage you to visit Pantor at the link below.

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