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Pantor Seahorse | Hands On Watch Review

Pantor Seahorse

Normally, I review the newest release from a brand, but every now and again, I request to review an older piece, and that is the case today. Yes, Pantor Watches does have a new model out, but this is not it. In fact this is their first model ever released, way back in 2013-2014. The Pantor Seahorse somehow went under my radar or for whatever reason I did not review it until now, but the good news is it is still in production. Unlike a lot of microbrands that do a 1 or 2 runs of a specific model, Pantor continues to produce the this one and has added newer versions throughout the years. I am not sure when this blue bezel/black dial combo released, but it is the one that caught my eye the most, so I asked for it to be sent along. The Pantor Seahorse is a big, chunky watch at 45mm and almost 17mm thick, unlike a lot of divers being released today. Running a Miyota 9015 automatic and having a killer bracelet, it sells for $679.

Pantor Seahorse Specifications:

45mm Stainless Steel Case

54mm Lug to Lug

24mm Lug Width

16MM Thick

Sapphire Crystal

Miyota 9015 Automatic Movement

1000 Meters Water Resistant

Price $679 USD

These days, most microbrands are making smaller watches. Actually, many brands have reverted to smaller sizes. We are seeing more 39-40mm dive watches than we have in years. Yet, Pantor keeps producing the Seahorse, which tells me it is selling. There is obviously a market for it. I wont beat around the bush, this would never be a daily wear watch for me. It is just too big and heavy at 288 grams, and if it were 42-43mm, I would be all over it. That said, it is a beautiful watch, with a simple and clean dial, large markers, and a case design that is reminiscent of a Seiko Turtle or Zodiac, yet still its own. Well, nowadays, it is its own. Going back about 7-8 years ago, there was a brand called Essex, which is now long defunct. They had a watch, the La Primera, that was the exact same case, bracelet, bezel and crown, but the dial was different