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Pantor Sealion dive watch review

I love a nice watch! Something simple, rugged and effective is all i want. As a freediver i also need something that will go deep enough and not flood at depth.

Last year i was on the hunt for an affordable automatic dive watch when a student rocked up with a Pantor Sealion. My interest was peaked and no less than a month later i was awaiting delivery of my very own!

Please note, that although i love a nice watch, im no watch expert!

So…. The nitty gritty. Whats it got?

Basic specs
Stainless steel case Unidirectional bezel Screw down crown Date Sapphire glass Helium release valve 300m rated Automatic movement Metal strap

Build quality, looks and size

The watch feels very solid in the hand and weighs as much as you may imagine a solid lump of steel of equivalent size to weigh! For me thats a good thing, but perhaps if you wanted a light weight dress watch this may be too much. Its not too big though, So many dive watches are enormous, and wearing them everyday ends up being a hassle as they knock in to things, tear chunks out of friends and family and catch on clothes. Everything feels solid and well put together, nothing rattles or squeaks, all you can hear if you shake it is the auto winding movement spinning in the case.

The glow in the dark markers, which i am told by the Internet are called ‘Lume’, are amazing. It lasts all night and is really bright after a few seconds under a light or direct sunlight.

Ive worn it everyday for 6 months without being overly careful with it, except for taking it off to do some slightly unnecessary pickaxeing in the garden and shoving my hand between a brick wall and a fence!

It looks really great. Very similar to many other classic dive watches but with a nice retro edge thanks to the ‘turtle’ shape case (thanks again Internet for that one) . I do love the little sealion on the crown and back, it’s a nice touch. Most of the metal is a rugged brushed steel with a few polished accents. You can choose between a rubber dive strap or a metal strap, both come in the package , which by the way is lovely, a nice leather zip box, which I can’t imagine I’ll use for anything but its cluttering up my shelf of random stuff in a classy way that I appreciate (of course it’s useful if you have lots of watches… I dont).