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How to use a GMT watch?

Using a GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) watch involves understanding its features, including the additional GMT hand, bezel, and sometimes a 24-hour scale. Here's a general guide on how to use a GMT watch:

Basic Features:

1. Main Time Hands:

  • Hour Hand: Indicates the local time.

  • Minute Hand: Indicates the minutes.

2.GMT Hand:

  • This additional hand points to the 24-hour scale on the watch or a secondary 24-hour bezel.


  • Some GMT watches have a rotatable 24-hour bezel. This can be used to track a third time zone.


Setting the Time:

  1. Local Time:

  • Set the main time hands (hour and minute hands) to your local time.

2. GMT Hand:

  • Set the GMT hand to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This might involve adjusting a secondary crown or using a specific setting on the watch.

3.Secondary Time Zone:

  • Use the GMT hand to track a second time zone by aligning it with the 24-hour marks on the watch dial or the markings on the bezel.

Reading the Time:

  1. Local Time:

  • Read the local time from the main hour and minute hands.

2. GMT/UTC Time:

  • The GMT hand points to the 24-hour scale, allowing you to read the second time zone. Note whether it's AM or PM.

3. Third Time Zone (if applicable):

  • If your watch has a 24-hour bezel, align it with the GMT hand to track a third time zone.

Using the Bezel:

  1. Rotate for a Third Time Zone:

  • If your watch has a rotating 24-hour bezel, you can set it to track a third time zone. Align the chosen time on the bezel with the GMT hand.

2. Elapsed Time:

  • Some GMT watches with a 24-hour bezel can also be used to measure elapsed time. Align the zero mark on the bezel with the GMT hand, and then read the elapsed time against the bezel markings.

Additional Tips:

  • Day/Night Indicator:

  • Some GMT watches also have a day/night indicator to help you determine whether it's day or night in the second time zone.

  • Quick Setting:

  • Some GMT watches have a quick-set feature that allows you to adjust the GMT hand independently for easy time zone changes.

Always refer to your watch's manual, as the features and functions can vary between different GMT watches. With practice, using a GMT watch becomes more intuitive, allowing you to easily track multiple time zones simultaneously.

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