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A quick guide to Diver Watches

Diving watches are tools that come with the promise of keeping you safe deep underwater, and yet most will never see action beyond a beach holiday. That aesthetic is invariably broad-shouldered and heavy-set, built up with industrial-sounding hardware like uni-directional rotating bezels and automatic helium escape valves.

Some 60 years on, a diver’s watch must now conform to ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) standards, which demand water-resistance of at least 100m, a unidirectional rotating bezel for timing and a visible running seconds hand to show it’s working.

Diver watches have a spec list in mind:A diver watch should be easily read underwater. So look for luminescent details (Super-LumiNova is king here) and dial designs that have lots of contrast so the hands and numerals are distinctive. Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms collection ticks all these boxes.

Diver Watches don’t compromise on function or quality:Aesthetic and brand appeal may be the main influences, but don’t forget a diver’s watch should meet certain criteria. Most divers use computers rather than analogue watches to monitor dive times, but a watch serves as an essential backup.

Diver Watches make sure it works with every suit:Rubber straps are the go-to here, and these days lots of brands make adjustable bracelets you can easily expand when needed. And it’s likely you’ll want to wear your diver watch around the city, too, so consider whether your diver watch will fit under a cuff.

In the past two decades, many micro-brands specializing in diver watches have emerged in the market, Pantor being one of them. Pantor watches with its beautiful exterior design , high-quality manufacturing and affordable prices. Pantor Watch is very popular among consumers in the market.

Pantor Sealion 300m/660ft Diver watches
PANTOR Sealion 300m/660ft Diver Watches

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