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Why dive watch is a dive watch

Before early 20th century, diving is a sport and science project. Dive watch become very improtant since there are no diving computers and advanced technical equipment at that time. Dive watches' main purpose is recording the time of a diver spends underwater. As time goes by, dive watch has been replaced by dive computer, but thanks to its unique design and unparalleled practicality. It has gained a place in the field of watches. Due to its popularity, many waterproof watches also claim that they are diving watches. Now let's see what the real dive watch lineage should inherit.

Diver with dive watch

Characteristics of a Dive Watch

  • At least 100 meters of water resistance—one of the primary requirements dictated by ISO 6425, the international standards regulating dive watches

  • Excellent legibility: As a pure dive watch, its hands, dials, and bezel should have high-quality luminous paint.

  • Unidirectional rotating bezel: One of the most important features of diving watches. It can only be rotated counterclockwise. Through the cooperation of the hands and the bezel, the diver can know their diving time.

  • Bezel markings: If you are a careful watch enthusiast, you will find that the markings of the bezel are different. This is because the last 15 minutes of diving requires special attention from the diver. They need enough time to return to the surface. Therefore, these markings are more detailed and easier to read.

  • Helium release valve: The helium release valve protects the watch from air/water pressure.

Ok, you already know what a pure dive watch is. what are you waiting for? You can purchase a unique diving watch at Pantor Watch. Wait a moment, we recommend that you also read the "Dive Watch Choose Guide".

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